T-krekls, t-krekli, viss ir slikti, viss kārtībā, t-kreklu apdruka, t-kreklu dizains, dizaineris, sporta apģērbs, drēbes, viss būs labi, krekls, stils, mode, viss normāli, karsta vasara, Latvietis, Latvija, riga, dāvanas, dāvana, viss kārtībā, dzimšanas diena, vārdadiena, svētki, brīvienas, vecpuiši, vecmeitas.

"Viss ir slikti" - sāpe #1035


he said that I'm young and I'm dumb I said I'm young and I'm numb So I can't feel the pain anymore he don't wanna hang around with a girl like me he caught me with the Glock Nine on the side of my seat Ask me what I'm doing Baby, I'm doing me I'm a freak Keep it coming Give 'em something to see Saying what they want when I'm turning my back I can't put on an act All I'm speaking is facts Brother switching up, man it kind of amaze me Pop a pill and get lazy Feel like nothing can phase me